Wellbeing & The Creative Journey

Creativity is often stifled when our minds and bodies are not in synch.

Creativity is an energy that flows through us. If our bodies or minds are blocked – physically or emotionally – then the creative energy will get stuck. When our bodies and minds are operating at their best, it is easy for our creativity to flow.

Artists and their teams have a lot on their plate. Navigating new territories, deadlines pressures, loss of privacy, exposing themselves, their emotions and experiences, while success detaches them from the familiar. These experiences can leave artists feeling isolated, stressed, lonely, and exposed; which can lead to negative coping behaviours. 

We see there is an opportunity to remedy this with a focus on integrating practices to build emotional

mental and physical health into the average week for an artist. Our aim is to equip the artist with the tools needed to create a balanced life they love. This in turn can prevent artists from burnout, addiction, mental and physical health problems.

By taking a proactive approach by laying a solid foundation of wellbeing within the creative development process, we believe this empowers the artists to lead happier healthier lives with longer careers, being able to produce amazing work.