The Eight Areas of Wellbeing

Our starting point for all our program creation and goal setting – The 8 Areas for Holistic Wellbeing

We take a holistic approach to wellbeing which means to bring into balance each area of wellbeing listed below. Much like any living organism, each aspect impacts the next and by bringing health to each part the ‘whole’ experiences a sense of well-being, joy and vitality. 

Creating balance within the eight areas of wellness we provide the foundation for creativity and focus, from which a long healthy successful career will blossom.

We want to ensure that even the complete beginner in wellness has access to what they need to win on every level in their life. 

So by looking at a 360 picture of the wellbeing on an artist and then considering what their goals are, we then provide tools, strategies and support that will create a greater sense of balance across all eight areas whilst propelling them towards their vision.

As each area is also interconnected, whilst we may focus on a specific area, the benefits will naturally ripple out to other areas of their life. Creating unexpected benefits!