Services & Therapies


This is the backbone of our programs. By getting clear on what we’d like to create, we review where we are currently and by evaluating the present and the potential blocks to the vision we create a structure to support getting to the goals with clear action steps in the most effective way.

Coaching sessions are a safe container for artists to bring up all their daily worries and stresses and talk through solutions whilst being taught various tools to help them step into their power. They will also be encouraged to discuss their vision and be given guidance and coaching around achieving their goals from a place of confidence and emotional wellbeing. The aim is to provide confidence, safety, a place to process all changes and the emotions those changes bring up. The intention is for them to feel heard and held so they do not become overwhelmed or stressed, as we can recode the beliefs and emotions creating the stress whilst creating an external support structure. Artists will also be given the tools to support themselves daily and move forward with their vision from a place of wellness and personal power.


Nutrition, but in a new way. We believe in empowered nutrition for each individual. When an individual understands the impact food and nutrition has on their mind, body and soul, they then have agency over their wellbeing, at the most foundational level.

What we need to eat and our nutritional demands change with age, lifestyle and our goals for each life stage, as well as the seasons.  We will look at each individual’s specific situation and educate on what, why and how to support their physical and emotional health through an eating plan and supplementation.

Meditation and Breath work

Both Meditation and breath work both provide an amazing place to return to in overwhelm and to also prevent overwhelm, stress and is essential for mental wellbeing and vision creation. 

Being energetically congruent with yourself begins on the inside and provides a strong foundation for artists to make better decisions for their wellbeing as they will be starting out from a happier place.
Not all meditation involves clearing the mind, some meditations are active and also combine breath-work. We work with the individual to find the best combination for them. This is another powerful way to reduce stress and anxiety whilst up levelling the overall wellbeing of the artist.


The livestream is one of the world’s most advanced Tesla healing technologies, we have the only one in the UK and EU. It works by literally recharging the cellular energy in our cells and can be used not only to recharge, but it also uplifts and shifts propensity for depression, anxiety and stress. 

It is very powerful when combined with meditation and people often report speedy recovery from illness.


The Recode is a new modality that is taking the world by storm, it can help create fast lasting transformation. It can rapidly ‘Recode’ just about anything – fears, stagnant negative beliefs, creative blocks, worry & panic…

the list goes on and combined with vision coaching is a powerful way for artists to step in and break down their big visions into weekly / daily action points. Making it perfect for those with large ambitions, who also struggle with confidence, self-belief , self sabotage or not coping with the pressures that their life throws at them on their journey to create their dreams.

Exercise & Movement

We will  introduce different types of movement and exercise depending on the artists specific needs. Developing an understanding of the importance of variety of movement for strength, stamina and endurance, as well as emotional wellbeing and creativity.

Giving guidance and direction for different types of exercise. And providing a selection of 20min yoga sequences for strength, relaxation and emotional wellbeing. We can help match artists with personal trainers based on their aims and personalities. Full group and 1-2-1 yoga sessions are also available.

Stress Management

Learning to manage stress is one of the greatest things we can do. Stress and poor sleep diminish our immune system, and cause poor judgement. By giving the artist tools to manage their stress, they can remain calm and focused. 

They will be able to identify different types of stress and be able to choose how to reduce or harness stress in different situations. 
We will support artists with how to prioritise sleep.  Along with emotional stress we will look at physical stress and toxicity and support individuals in creating a cleaner and greener physical environment. 

Wellness Tools & Supplements

We incorporate wellness tools of herbs, essential oils and flower essences into all our elements and therapies.

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