Packages & Testimonials


To make 360 wellness accessible to all artists we have three service levels varying in how bespoke the service is, the duration and amount of one on one time vs group work. Our packages are designed over a 3 month, 6 month and 12 month period. With personalised ongoing support also available beyond if required.


The golden level is the entry level in which training is delivered in a group setting. A group setting is also a great space to network and build bonds with other like-minded people on a wellness journey. This can be a very valuable support network if the artist doesn’t have any other community with wellbeing at its centre and collaboration is encouraged.


Is a combination of monthly one to one sessions and weekly group sessions. This way we can dive deep into the specifics with the artist and also build out community with the workshops.


This is entirely One to One and is our most tailored program for those artists who are in need of focused solo time. Perhaps those with the most challenging schedules or those with the most need to get back into balance. If requested we can also integrate some group work if there is a desire to connect to a wellbeing community of musicians.


Leenie Mayfield

Before I worked with Rimini, I had just lost my business through covid, had to move in with my husbands parents and felt so stuck financially. I found the session to be really amazing. We looked so so deep into my energetic programming – possibly the deepest anyone has gone and on levels that are fairly hard for most to access. Shortly after things began to shift really fast. One year later.. I am driving my first brand new car, got given land, living in a rental by the beach, and life seems to be much easier. Its as if we got so blessed after all of the hardship we experienced and Im sure the session with Rimini was a catalyst for this.

I recommend working with Rimini because you really get results if you are ready for the change. Her money clears are BOMB! I’ve just booked another one this week as the first was ridiculously fruitful. Thank you Rimini!!! You’re a star.


Luna Keller

Before working with Rimini & Sereen, I was struggling with auto-destructive patterns, dark thoughts, feeling disconnected from myself and having lots of self doubt and fears that were affecting me strongly every day. I immediately felt seen and understood by them and after the first session there was already a big switch in me. Both Rimini and Sereen gave me valuable tools to stay in balance with myself and recognise and break the negative cycles I was going through. I felt an especially big impact after the re-programming sessions with Rimini, they were really intense, but managed to break thought harmful beliefs I had been holding on to for a really long time. Thanks to this program I feel like myself again for the first time in over a year, and I get to fully embrace the path I’ve chosen as an artist. I feel more confident, connected, focused and patient with myself – I’m creating from a place of love again, and I am so grateful for that. Even the lows after the program never took me quite as far down thanks to my new perspective and knowledge I got from Rimini & Sereen. And that new confidence and mindset has been reflected in my career as well, I am reaching more people, connecting more and earning more thanks to it. It really showed me how much my mindset can affect my success as an artist. Being an indie artists isn’t easy and we often forget to look after ourselves. I would 100% recommend working with them to any creative who’s looking to be more grounded and healthy while sharing their art with the world. It’s been a real game changer for me that came into my life just at the right time.


“As half of electronic music duo Dusky, I approached Rimini to help me build confidence and expand on my abilities as a performing musician, in particular to add singing to my existing role in our live shows. Having never sung solo before in public, I needed guidance and Rimini was a fantastic coach and mentor, helping me to develop the right skills [and grow confidence] through our sessions together.” Alfie

Jessica Wilde

I did a course of life coaching sessions with Rimini. Rimini has a beautiful energy, it feels as though she channels wisdom from the Devine. She is very in touch with energies, and is a natural teacher when it comes to guiding you to get in touch yourself. When I was in LA, I didn’t know whether I should leave or not as I was running out of money but career opportunities kept arising. Rimini taught me techniques to really listen and tap into my body and inner guidance, and to have trust in something bigger than what I thought was my reality. We sat on top off a cliff and did some of these exercises and I felt so empowered and magical. From Rimini’s guidance I decided to stay in LA and went on to sign a record deal with an amazing producer which led to other incredible things happening. I booked a full coaching course with Rimini after that trip and she helped me with many other situations through her guidance and teachings, Connecting to my intuitive side and building my inner strength so I am able to make decisions based off trust not fear. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to grow spiritually and empower them self. My life has drastically changed for the good since putting these practises into place.

Sheryl Mehmet

Rimini really helped me to step into my power as the teacher I am, but didn’t have the confidence to feel. She has this ability to see to the root of the false belief that I was holding and helped me move past them so I can be more fully myself. I felt very seen and heard by her. I would highly recommend her to anyone who feels stuck in their life.