has been created with the vision of elevating the wellbeing of the music industry.

Working alongside labels and management companies, forming the missing piece to ensure artists and music industry professionals are nurtured on all fronts so they can lead happy, healthy, productive and fulfilling careers. 360 Wellness is not just the absence of disease but the full expression of our life and creativity. It is vitality and joy.

Through strategic holistic programs and support, focused on embedding wellness at the heart of the industry, our aim is to create happy, healthy and thriving artists, and a human centered industry.  We believe connectedness and well-being elevate productivity and success.

In turn this increase in joy and fulfillment is reflected in the music produced and performed elevating society at large. 

Happier Artists = Higher Vibrational Music Released = Happier Listeners…. so the joy goes full circle.  

Who We Are

Rimini Roudette 

Rimini has an intimate understanding of the music industry both being an artist and being from a family of musicians. Rimini has also spent her due’s in the corporate world dealing with high pressured roles and eventually burnout. Which uniquely places her with an in-depth knowledge of the both the  stress involved in working a high pressurized business role, like music industry professionals and also the complexities of living life as an artist. 

After reaching her own personal health crisis, Rimini took some time out and began on her own journey to wellness. Which included a combination of training in a number of healing and coaching modalities and also getting back to her roots of singing, writing and performing.

This journey lead her to live / work in LA where she witnessed many of the incredible aspects of the music industry has to offer and also  the underbelly of the beast. With many of the artists she worked with struggled substance abuse, loneliness on extensive world tours, poor diet, depression and burnout.

This experience compelled Rimini to begin to work towards integrating wellness as a fundamental aspect of any artists journey in the music industry. Not least to create an alternative to the ’27’ club but because she also saw the intrinsic link to the artists wellbeing, the music they put out and their impact of society & shaping our culture.  

Sereen Ford

Sereen has had an interest and love of health since an early age, inspired by her mothers holistic approach to life and health. With the desire to go into research, Sereen graduated in Biochemistry at Manchester University. She then spent 15 years in the corporate world of public and private sector marketing, events and public relations. A detour from her passion, but gained many interesting insights and passions along the way. During that time Sereen qualified as a Naturopath and Homeopath in 2008.

Spending much of her time on tour or in studios with her husband, her approach has always been about empowering people with lifestyle and education, rather than a traditional clinical practice. Running regular workshops as well as offering 1-2-1 consultations. Having overcome her own physical and emotional issues, and continues to do so, through a naturopathic lifestyle approach, she is passionate about supporting others to do the same. She is always hungry to learn more about health, holistic practices and methodologies and to share what she learns with others.

As part of her wellbeing journey she has practiced yoga for 16 years. Finding herself sharing postures and breathing techniques to help others, led her to complete an RYS-accredited 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training with Naomi Annand, author and founder of Yoga on the Lane and Adam Hocke, in 2020. She teaches dynamic, breathe-led yoga, honouring the strengths and limitations of all body types.

Not only are Rimini’s and Sereen’s trained in creating wellbeing but both or their personal backgrounds include a 360 experience of artistry and the impacts on wellness. Making them perfectly placed to effect change and bring about wellbeing within the music industry.