How would you like to go into this winter knowing you can handle whatever ‘variant’ of life you get thrown? 😉 Or perhaps end the year feeling accomplished and lit up by hitting your goals? Or maybe you just want feel vibrant despite the cold weather….

Set yourself up to win this winter not only by building your immunity, but stepping into greater energetic alignment and self power.

In this 6 week course we will learn to:

-Boost your energy & creativity naturally
-Manage stress & build winter immunity
-Remove stagnant energy blocking you from moving forward
-Build collaborative community
-Remove blocks to authenticity & open your throat chakra
-Support your body & mind with nutrition

– Navigate life with your in built intuition and guidance
-Boost creative wellness & empowerment with natural supplements
-Harness your power of focus and take strides towards your goals
-Transform anxiety relating to social media

We’ll be kicking off with an intimate group of musicians all focused on taking the next step towards their wellness and self empowerment within their visions.

What you get;

1 x one to one intention setting / goal creating call

1 x weekly group coaching and energy alignment process – called a Recode. Where we will release what is holding you back from creating your goals.

1 x weekly group wellness coaching session. You will learn health hacks, tools to reduce stress and learn exercise to boost energy.

Telegram community to journey with and collaborate with on your projects.

1 one to one debrief call to set you up to win on with your wellness journey post course.

Plus a tonne of life tools to keep in your back pocket to elevate life permanently and get you reaching your goals with more joy and grace.

To celebrate this launch we have a very special offer running which is 50% off for the first 10 people, making it £285 afterwards it will be £570.

If this sounds like a little bit of you, hit the contact us button and lets have a chat….

Or secure your 50% discount by booking here 

See you on the inside.