360 Wellness has been created

with the vision of elevating the wellbeing of the music industry.

Working alongside labels and management companies, forming the missing piece to ensure artists and music industry professionals are nurtured on all fronts so they can lead happy, healthy, productive and fulfilling careers. 360 Wellness, a creative journey back to wellbeing. Designed for artists, musicians and those who support them. 

Supporting you to do more of what you love.

Through strategic holistic programs and support, focused on embedding wellness at the heart of the industry, our aim is to create happy, healthy and thriving artists, and a human centred industry.


"As half of electronic music duo Dusky, I approached Rimini to help me build confidence and expand on my abilities as a performing musician, in particular to add singing to my existing role in our live shows. Having never sung solo before in public, I needed guidance and Rimini was a fantastic coach and mentor, helping me to develop the right skills [and grow confidence] through our sessions together." Alfie
I did a course of life coaching sessions with Rimini. Rimini has a beautiful energy, it feels as though she channels wisdom from the Devine. She is very in touch with energies, and is a natural teacher when it comes to guiding you to get in touch yourself. When I was in LA, I didn’t know whether I should leave or not as I was running out of money but career opportunities kept arising. Rimini taught me techniques to really listen and tap into my body and inner guidance, and to have trust in something bigger than what I thought was my reality. We sat on top off a cliff and did some of these exercises and I felt so empowered and magical. From Rimini’s guidance I decided to stay in LA and went on to sign a record deal with an amazing producer which led to other incredible things happening. I booked a full coaching course with Rimini after that trip and she helped me with many other situations through her guidance and teachings, Connecting to my intuitive side and building my inner strength so I am able to make decisions based off trust not fear. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to grow spiritually and empower them self. My life has drastically changed for the good since putting these practises into place.
Jessica Wilde - Singer Songwriter

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